By Kelvin Tan

Afro-Asian ties have come of age and grown in sophistication, moving to real partnerships based on shared commercial realities.

During my travels in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, India, China, South Korea and Japan over the past five years, I have witnessed the incredible rise of the Africa-Asia story. This relationship has moved beyond the initial handshake made during a study-trip or in a business forum many years go,  to real partnerships based on shared commercial realities.

While trade and investments between both regions entail high risks, the rise in cross-border deals indicates the a growing number of corporates are prepared to make adjustments in their risk-reward perspectives.

Allow me to elaborate on how Afro-Asian ties have come of age, and have grown in sophistication. 

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About the author

Kelvin Tan is Secretary-General (Southeast Asia) of the Africa Southeast Asia Chamber of Commerce.


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